Chemical Free Organic Skin Care Products, Customer Review

December 09, 2013

By: Blogger Local Have you ever wondered what you just lathered on to your skin? I mean I know I’m lathering on soap, but I mean what ingredients… Do we truly know what is in there? Well after a little research, I’m sold. The only products I will be buying from now on will only be organic skin care products. I mean if I can’t pronounce the ingredients in the product I am using its probably not natural or good for me. So lets see, what I found. Most commercial soaps are made up of synthetic scents, which can trigger our allergies and irritate & dry out our skin. Sodium Lauryl, is a substance that enhances the “soapiness” of the soap, and...

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Organic Skin Care Products That Make Your Skin Glow Review

November 04, 2013

From Blogger Local When it comes to your skin, you deserve the best. Soft Hydrated skin is sexy, in both men and women. Staying Hydrated by drinking sufficient water throughout the day is only one of many ways to give your skin a healthy glow. The secrets to healthy skin include, proper sleeping habits, a day in and day out skin cleansing routine, healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Too many different skin care products actually damage your skin. All of the different chemicals can break down your retinol and vitamin C causing your skin to lose elasticity and look aged. Simple Natural Skin Care Products are the best for your skin because they do not have toxic chemicals as their base...

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