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Small Batch Inspired Goods


Take Soothing Relief Everywhere You Go

Healing Balms

Wellness 4-Pack

Sleep Balm - A Natural Sedative For the Restless Sleeper

Muscle Balm - Deeply Penetrating Relief & Support for Sore & Achy Joints & Muscles

Breathe Balm - Fast Vaporous Relief For Stuffiness & Other Cold Symptoms

Headache Balm - Soothing & Cooling Balm that Works 

3 IN 1 Beard • Aftershave • Face Oil - Woods MAN

NEW Woods MAN Collection

Essences of Sandalwood & Virginian Cedar

For Skin & Facial Hair

The best handcrafted, anti-aging grooming oil for every man with a face. The ultimate beard conditioner coming straight to you from the highlands of Colorado. Top rated as a beard softener, and aftershave, even the driest face, and beard will love.

With essential oils of sandalwood, cedar wood  and rosewood, our all natural grooming products will leave you with a rugged yet sophisticated feeling throughout the day. 

Can Be Used As A 3 In 1 Beard Oil • Aftershave • Face Oil - From The Woods MAN Collection


So You can Go About Your Rugged Ways:



Pump Into Palm & Work Into Skin & Beard



Use In Place Of The Usual Stuff



Massage Onto Clean Face


Certified Manly By The Good Men Of MIG Soap
Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba oil, Rice Bran oil, Essential Oils

Natural Liquid Body Soap Mountain MAN Collection

All Natural Liquid Soap for Hair & Body 

Creates a rich luxurious lather filled with the essence of Atlas Cedar & Balsam essential oils - just like the forest. Handcrafted in small batches with pure plant ingredients. 

The Soap Box

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