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May 03, 2019

I stood in front of the bathroom mirror feeling sooooo disappointed that yet another breakout had occurred. 

Just typing this reminds me of the dread I would feel every morning, hoping to see a fresh, clear face.

My dad had put me on a “high end” skincare line at 13 and for some crazy reason, never bothered to see if that was the culprit leading to the never-ending cystic acne I had been experiencing as a teenager. 

No one else in my family had acne! 

What the heck was going on with my face?!    

I remember it was 1997, I had just gotten my junior pictures done and my mom and her friend were waiting patiently back at her house for me. With utter shock, they both said, “Jaime! Why are you wearing so much makeup?”

I was mortified. I literally plunged my face into the bathtub and scrubbed my skin til all the makeup came off. I wanted to put a bag over my head and run for the car. Red, blotchy, painful bruises and bumps I couldn’t escape. 

At that time I had no clue how to wear makeup. So I would layer on the foundation, thick! At least it was the same color as my skin tone… haha. Thanks to my dad who insisted I wear the right shade. 

To no avail… 

I cringe looking back at those years! 

It wasn’t until after I had my first son Judah and my hormones changed that the acne started to shift.  Even then my skin was far from glowing, it was rough and bumpy to the touch. I felt the embarrassment of my skin every day when I walked out the door. On top of that, I felt self-conscious about how my cover-up job looked!

All that pain fueled my drive when I began studying the medicinal healing properties of herbs and essential oils.  As my products started to emerge, I also learned the freedom of walking out the door without any makeup on. 

I remember the very first time I woke up after testing out a new blend (I test everything on my own skin first – ALWAYS) stepped into the shower, grabbed my newly cured charcoal soap to wash my face with it for the second time, and was shocked that every single one of the bumps were gone in one night. 

My skin had literally changed overnight. 

The power of herbal medicine skincare! It still amazes me after almost nine years of owning MIG. 

This is why I pour myself into each product the way I do. They are all crafted with you in mind, yes your skin, but also your heart and mind…  

I want to see you free to think about your dreams and to run out the door without burden or worry.  The world is waiting for you, Beautiful, just the way you are, but I know feelings of self-doubt can cloud our vision. 

When I sat down to create The MIG Method, it wasn’t just about clear, glowing skin, it was about supporting a woman on her journey to becoming HER, mind, body, and soul. 

The MIG Method not only balances skin in a way that is natural, healing, and hydrating, but it also empowers every woman to step into courage, feel alive, and thrive in who she is. 

Yes, to my great appreciation and amazement, essential oils, and herbs have the power to support our bodies ability to be empowered! 

I know… it sounds crazy! 

90% of customers who use our method see improvements within the first 7 days or less. 

So I am doing something I am so excited about! 

I am offering you the opportunity to test it out for much longer. When you purchase our Facial Method, we’ll let you use it for a full 30 days completely risk-free. 

If you love it, keep it, and let us know what it’s done for you! If you don’t, send it back and we’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.

I know that trying something new can feel risky, you hope that it helps, yet you feel reluctant because you’ve been burned before. 

I’m so confident that you’ll see results so I want to get it in your hands and on your face risk-free!

I hope you take me up on this offer.

To your radiant healthy glowing skin,

Jaime Cross 

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