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Six Skincare Tips

May 20, 2019

Natural glowing skin is possible at every age

But it begins by taking care of yourself both on the inside and out.

At MIG, we know that True Beauty goes far beyond the skin. Our inner state, food habits, and skin care rituals greatly impact how we look on the outside.

That’s especially the case for our skin.

—even if dreamy skin feels really far away.

The problem is: 
Water attracts water and lotion containing water as the main ingredient pulls moisture from your skin and dehydrates it! No wonder you have to apply it multiple times per day. Good lotion should be one and done Water also requires preservatives and emulsifiers, which are toxic more often than not.

2. Incorporate weekly intermittent fasting to help your body act and feel younger.

The Problem is: 
Without giving our bodies rest from food, our digestion starts to become cluttered and there are unfathomable benefits to intermittent fasting that unlocks healthy cells, revealing gorgeous, glowing skin.  

3. Activate your body with rebounding and deep breathing to improve circulation, immune function, and mental health, boosting your body’s ability to radiate a healthy glow.

The Problem is: 
Many forms of exercise create undue stress on the body and never actually activate your mind and body's natural detoxification process.

4. Include regular dry brushing into your beauty ritual for skin exfoliation, increasing circulation and high functioning skin (remember your skin is an organ that lives and BREATHES...) for total, activated beauty.

The Problem Is: 
As you age, the rate at which your body sheds dull skin cells begins to slow down, preventing the skin from breathing and manifesting its natural glow.

5. Use Natural Organic Soap that promotes the skin's ability to hydrate, heal, and restore.

The Problem Is: 
Soap is actually one of the biggest culprits to dry, cracked, flaky, itchy, breakout prone, and lackluster skin because of the chemicals contained in commercial soap.

6. Implement a Healing Beauty Ritual that fosters health both internally and externally. This is why I developed the MIG METHOD that has helped thousands achieve radiant skin, weight loss, energy, mental clarity, and soul/body vitality.

The Problem Is: 
Without intentionally creating a proper beauty ritual, we are unable to get to the root of our tensions and anxieties, accelerating the aging process and missing out on self care the way it was always meant to be.

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