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Dead Sea Mud Mask Anti-Aging • Anti-Acne • Pore Reducer • Clarifying (8 oz)

The 42nd floor.
It’s early morning and a glass elevator whisks you upwards, along with 12 others.
They stand, necks craned, coffee in hand, exhausted even before the day begins.
The accountant with bags under his eyes and one under his arm.
The PR exec forcing a smile from under layers of plaster.
And the others, all tired-looking, all dreading what’s ahead
But there’s something different about you.
There you stand, green tea in hand, face glowing, ready for battle.
You know your secret. Or at least part of it.
The MIG Dead Sea Mud Mask last night.
It’s 100% natural ingredients activated to heal and restore.
A total spa treatment for your face without leaving your home.
And just like that you feel transformed, different, younger even.
Yeah, you’re ready. Nevermind that you’re the CEO.
You know who you are, the real you, and that’s all that matters today.
Directions: After cleansing with MIG's Charcoal or Lavender Soap, apply Dead Sea Mud Mask generously to face and décolletage two to three times per week. Allow to set for ten minutes. Rinse gently, pat dry, mist Kombucha Facial Toner with Rose and Aloe over face, massage Blackberry Leaf Serum into your skin, complete your ritual with our Facial Lotion bar w/raw beeswax. 
100% Dead Sea Mud

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