About Us

The Brand

MIG is a luxury line of handcrafted, non-toxic goods.

Rather than starting with prepackaged extracts, we wildcraft our own botanicals infusing them into each one of our products to deliver pure, powerfully activated skincare.

Jaime has built the company on the foundations of world-class sourcing and unparalleled service so we can care for our customers the way every good company should.

Many people don't realize the toxic burden on their bodies when breathing in and ingesting substances through the skin, and we understand the challenges of navigating products to find goods you can trust.

Which is why satisfaction is guaranteed and we stand by each of our products and their results.

Your beauty & grooming ritual should be not only non-toxic but healing and restorative as well - the mission behind our formulations. We 100% believe in nature's power to synergize with the body, so we encourage you to indulge yourself.

Take care of the ones you love with the best the world has to offer and let us serve you. 


Every Purchase Fuels Efforts To End Child Trafficking.


About Jaime 

The journey of growing a grass roots company started a few years ago when Jaime left corporate banking to stay at home with her newborn son... not long after that she prayed for a big idea that would allow her to help people + take care of her family... wouldn't you know it was just two weeks later she saw a business plan in a dream that would start her on her journey towards greater impact. She is now a studied herbalist, skilled mixologist, and alchemist on a mission to educate people on the power of natural healing.

Jaime and her team continue to create unique, sophisticated herbal body products in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. They are creating a culture of family and philanthropy in everything they do. 

"Find your spark, put action to passion, and fan the flame. Do that and you'll be unstoppable"
- Jaime Cross




High Performance - Each product is created to go above and beyond a single purpose such as our 3-in-1 handcrafted soaps which are a wash, shave, and shampoo bar formulated to condition, soften, and replenish. Products are packaged intuitively with active people in mind such as Busy Moms, Athletes and Traveling Individuals who are invested in the care of their bodies.

No Compromise - Ingredients responsibly sourced from elite material using fair trade principles. Products and packaging are both beautiful and highly functional – including travel sizes.

Unconditional Love - We support you at every life stage so you can live every moment with moxie, and we partner with philanthropies that make a difference. 




photos by Joy Belle Photography