FAQ's - MIG Soap & Body Co.




Q: What are your Customer Service Phone Office hours?

A: Customer Service can be reached Mon-Fri 8am-5pm MST

Q: Where is my order confirmation number and receipt?

A: An order confirmation email and receipt has been sent to the email address you provided.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: Feel good knowing, your Mighty in Good products are being prepared - and will be shipping out within 5 to 7 business days

Q: Who can I contact to update my order before it ships?

A: You can reach our in-house shipping team at hello@migsoap.com or call or Colorado support team at 719-822-1644

Q: How can I contact support?

A: We are happy to hear from all of our customers at hello@migsoap.com - or click the blue “Chat” icon on the lower right of this screen! :)

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We have a hassle-free return policy and our mission is to help you find the products that give you the results you are looking for. Full sized products can be returned or exchanged when received within 30 days of initial purchase if the product is at least half full.

Connect with customer care to initiate your return or exchange at 719-822-1644 or email hello@migsoap.com


Q: What are the ingredients in your lotion bars?

A: All ingredients can be found at migsoap.com

Q: How long does your product last on average?

A: The Serum Stick should last 4-6 weeks or longer. The Body Lotion Bar should last 3-4 weeks. Soap will last 1-2 months depending on if you are using it just on your face or your whole body. All of our products are highly effective - a little goes a long way.


Q: How much of the lotion bar should I apply? Do I glide it on every inch or skin or do I apply in lines and rub it in?

A: The key to using the lotion bar successfully is to make sure you use it while you are still in the shower, after you’ve turned the water off and your skin is still completely wet. Many of us take a small amount off the top and run it on legs, arms, chest, elbows, back of the arms and knees. You can also glide one line along arms, legs, tummy and chest and then massage it in...you do not need to apply over every inch of skin, because a little goes a long way.

Q: What is the MIG Method and how do I apply it to my daily routine?

A: The MIG Facial Method:

Step One - Roll on & breathe in Happiness Essential Oil

Step Two - Gently cleanse face with charcoal soap if your skin is breakout prone or oily. Use Lavender honey soap if your skin is sensitive or irritated in any way. Be sure to be very careful with your skin as you massage and create a rich lather.

Step Three - Mask - If your skin is breakout prone, normal to oily, then use our Dead Sea Mud Mask (Works like magic on breakout and oily skin to restore radiance and luminance)

If your skin is dry or irritated, you can use raw honey, avocado, bentonite or French green clay (sensitive mask coming soon)

Step Four - Mist our Kombucha Rose Water Toner over face and décolleté. You can also spray on an organic cotton ball and gently wipe over face and décolleté.

Step Five - Make sure your skin has been warm and wet from showering or washing your face. Then gently massage Blackberry Leaf Serum onto your skin (it literally feels like liquid silk)

Step Six - Apply face Lotion Bar all over face and décolleté.

Q: Should I use the Blackberry Leaf Serum and then the Facial Serum at the same time?

A: After cleansing with a gentle cleanser and toning (check out our Rosewater Kombucha Toner), apply a small amount of the Blackberry Leaf Serum to a wet face, including under your eyes and around your mouth. Then massage the Face Serum Stick (face lotion bar) gently onto your fresh, clean face. Enjoy the glow!

Q: When using the Serum Stick do I need to use other lotion products?

A: Our Face Serum stick is enriched with amazing nutrients that will leave your skin hydrated and soft with a vibrant youthful appearance. You definitely don’t need any additional lotion.

Q: How long do I leave the Mud Mask on for?

A: Two to three times per week, use the Dead Sea Mud Mask before bed. Massage mud gently onto face, avoiding the eyes and leave on for 10 minutes. Follow on with step number 5 & 6.

Q: Can my lavender soap be used as shampoo to help my dandruff?

A: Yes! The lavender soap is great for the scalp as well as the MAN soap. Keep in mind that if you have longer hair, you will need a conditioner. You can find one from natural grocers that does not contain phenoxyethanol.

Q: Can I use Charcoal Soap as shampoo on color treated hair?

A: You might find the charcoal soap to be a little detoxing for your colored hair. We recommend trying the lavender soap, which is much milder, for color treated hair.

Q: Is the charcoal soap for your face only?

A: Our charcoal soap is amazing for the face and your whole body!



Q: Can I use your products on my children?

A: As a mother of four boys and a passionate herbalist, I formulated our body care to be safe and effective for children.

Q: Can I use your products when pregnant?

A: Our formulations are designed to be safe during pregnancy but we always recommend that you check with your doctor first.


Q: Which products do you recommend for acne?

A: We recommend our facial bundle which includes our activated charcoal soap, Dead Sea mud mask & the blackberry leaf serum. Amazing results!

Q: What should I do for my eczema?

A: First, replace your soap with our lavender, charcoal, or MAN soap - second, apply one of our lotion bars to your warm, wet skin right before exiting the shower. Avoid lotions that contain water at all costs.