MIG Soap Holiday Gift Guide 2018

2018 MIG Soap Holiday Gift Guide


Everyone knows that special someone who needs to take a break, relax and focus on self care - especially during the holiday season. Mom, sis, BFF, (heck, ourselves!) or the Manly MAN in your life! Regardless of who they are, giving the gift of rest and beauty is always a welcomed gift. We’ve rounded up our most popular goods to make it easy to pick something they’ll love.

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We’ve organized the guide from smallest to largest bundles so it’s simple to find the products that best suit your budget.

Drift off to Dreamland - Sleep Balm

Perfect for: people who need deep sleep, rest, & rejuvenation...
Handcrafted with two of the rarest forms of chamomile found on earth because they have the most potent sleep inducing stimulants available. Jaime searched for months to find this special ingredient that helps our customers fall into a deep REM sleep each night.  Unwind and let go of the day completely, as your senses are enveloped by a masterful blend of earth’s most precious essential oils, handcrafted to soothe your senses, promote sleep, and help you peacefully drift off to dreamland. - View Product >

Detox & Beautify - Charcoal Soap


Perfect for: both men & women with blemished skin, acne, oily skin

Our Activated Charcoal Soap's rich grey lather acts as an impurity and imperfection sponge gently working its way across your delicate skin. Not only will it will draw bacteria, environmental poisons, chemicals, and dirt out onto the surface of your skin it will also uplift and activate a complete sensory and aromatic experience. Charcoal Soap is perfect for helping you achieve and maintain a flawless complexion while fighting acne so you dont have to. - View Product >

Hydrate & Radiate


**Our Most Popular Product**

 Perfect for: women with sensitive skin, dry skin - TRY NOW

There is a reason we have over 700+ raving reviews on this face lotion bar! It will leave your face soft, STUNNING with radiance and positively glowing.

The Face Lotion Bar is perfecting, anti aging, and replenishing - this earthy blend of fresh beeswax, rich botanicals and essential oils are transformational and heavenly.   - View Product >



 Perfect for: women with sensitive skin, dry skin - TRY NOW

There is a reason we have over 200+ raving reviews on this body lotion bar! It will leave your skin soft, STUNNING with radiance and positively glowing.

Transform your morning shower into a blissful aromatic experience while calming your senses and moisturizing your skin. The aromatic essential oils gently diffused by the steam in your shower, and your skin perfectly primed to receive the vitamins and rich nutrients present in our unique formulation will have you blissed out beyond belief.

The Body Bar comes in 3 aromas...

Soothing Lavender + Calendula

Vibrant Lemongrass + Peppermint

Sweet & Juicy Grapefruit + Blood Orange

Or you can try all 3 aromas of the Body Lotion Bar Collection and save 30% - View Product Collection >

Certified MANLY MAN Bundle 


  • One MAN Face All-in-One Beard Oil/Aftershave/Preshave - With enticing & irresistible essences of the Colorado mountains. Apply to facial hair, skin & neck.
  • One 3-In-1 Soap/Shave/Shampoo Bar - With bentonite clay, rich later that won’t dry out your skin.
  • One Muscle Balm - Offers long lasting relief for a tired, sore body
  • One Man Soap Liquid Body Wash - Perfect blend of cleanser, moisturizer, and testosterone - View Manly Gift Bundle >
🎁 🎁🎁

Body Bundle

Offer expires November 27th, 2018.


  • One Happiness Essential Oil Blend
  • One Body Activator Dry Brush
  • One Charcoal Soap
  • One Lavender Soothe Soap
  • One Lotion Bar of your choice - View Body Bundle >

Facial Bundle

Offer expires November 27th, 2018.


  • One Charcoal Soap
  • One Dead Sea Mud Mask
  • One Rose Water Kombucha Toner
  • One Blackberry Leaf Serum
  • One Facial Lotion Bar w/Pure Beeswax - View Face Bundle >


Better than going to the spa, our Facial Method will not only leave your skin positively supple and radiant but feeling soft and rejuvenated. I've crafted each of our products with the wild herbs I've discovered while exploring the mountains of Colorado, farm fresh beeswax selected from our local farmers, and essential oil blends that not only nourish the skin but elevate and pamper your mood in every way. Sincerely, Your Friend, Jaime, Founder of MIG