Why MIG? - MIG Soap & Body Co.


Why MIG?

Made for world changing women & men who want the good stuff.

Our uncompromising collection of premium skincare is handcrafted without chemicals so you can have nothing but the best. It doesn't have to be a choice between what's good for your body and getting results. You can have it all. We are the mighty ones doing good, keeping it simple, and natural. Delivering Pure Happiness.


Our simple formulas are blended with...

Colorado wild-crafted herbs, farm fresh extracts, and one of our favorites... local raw honey + unadulterated beeswax from apiaries right down the country road from our little soap shop. Might we add, that our buzzing bees are happy, safe and protected. Each product is time tested for their results, their exquisite textures, and their uplifting and intoxicating essences that burst forth from pure essential oils. Here you’ll experience indulgence with transformation. Your skin will thank you, but even more than that, our beauty from the inside out approach to skincare will leave your mind and body, refreshed and renewed.

Seed to Skin Luxury Skincare

Each product is handcrafted in small batches, poured from rich & raw butters, freshly pressed oils and wildcrafted herbs right here in our own Colorado factory. We are a skincare company, so we do skin… from start to finish we deliver quintessential goods straight from our purpose driven team to your door. It really is a beautiful thing, and we are so proud to give you the very best. You may actually find yourself pleasantly surprised by just how good they are. I mean... we know they're good... but... so so so good... we could go on... you just gotta hit go on this thing and experience the amazingness yourself... Amazingness. Is that a word?  It is now.

At MIG we do everything ourselves.

We answer our own phones, ship our own boxes, work with fresh ingredients... nothing is ever prepackaged. No outsourcing or shortcuts. We do that for your benefit, and because it's our life purpose... to radically change the health and beauty industry by doing things the pure and simple way that have stood the test of time for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Partnering with farmers producing non GMO goods from healthy soil is what we live for.

The way the fresh mountain air smells, the way the rich soil feels beneath our feet, and the way it all impacts the nature and purpose of our skincare. We are more than skincare… we are a movement destined to change the world.  


Tell us about you! Get your very own Happiness Specialists:

Call us at 719-822-1644 or chat.  You’ll reach our Colorado shop and one of our MIG Beauty Experts.