FACE Lotion Bar/Serum Stick 1 oz

This is a must-have for everyone! Use to soften and revive, for sexier, kissably soft face.

Apply to warm, wet face after cleansing & toning. 

Leaves skin soft all day • non-greasy • soothing.


Face: flaxseed oil, pomegranate oil, pumpkin, meadowfoam, carrot seed oil, camellia oil, hemp seed oil, raspberry seed oil, grapeseed, raw beeswax, arnica, avocado, rosehip, dandelion, the following are freshly infused and some wildcrafted: comfrey oil, calendula, nettles, moringa leaf, calendula, horse tail, essential oils of lavender, frankincense, Bulgarian rose, Sicilian lemon & rose geranium, neem, tamanu, prickly pear, ferulic acid (antioxidant extracted from fruits and seeds)

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