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Lavender Soothe Collection

I remember the first time someone gave me a handcrafted bar of lavender soap oh so many years ago. It was long before I ever created MIG, but I still remember that feeling... the essences that blossomed beyond the wrapping and lifted my soul, the beautiful textures and the note from my dear friend. 

I'll never forget how much I couldn't wait to get home so I could indulge my senses and pamper my skin with this new, meaningful gift. 

At MIG, I wanted to make it simple for you to share in that same experience.

Give yourself the gift of handcrafted luxury... every single product is hand poured and crafted with love and prayer. I believe the prayer part is one of our most precious and secret-not-so-secret ingredients. Truth be told, MIG products change lives. Your skin will never be happier, your soul will feel nourished and surrounded. 

1 Lavender Lotion Bar (60 ml) - For Hydration & Healing The Most Sensitive Of Skin Types

2 Lavender + Oat Soap (4.25 oz each) - Soothing, Healing, Gently Cleansing - Won't Dry Out Skin


*Wooden box prop only

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