MIG FACIAL Method - Bundle! ❤️🍃


Better than going to the spa, our Facial Method will not only leave your skin positively supple and radiant but feeling soft and rejuvenated. 

Every woman deserves healthy skin and there is no better way to achieve this than by creating a ritual that encompasses all the beauty that this earth has to offer. 

I've crafted each of our products with the wild herbs I've discovered while exploring the mountains of Colorado, farm fresh beeswax I've selected by building relationships with local farmers, and essential oil blends that not only nourish the skin but elevate and pamper your mood in every way. 

You deserve it and you'll find no better collections anywhere on the planet. That's my personal guarantee. 

Sincerely Your Friend,


Founder of MIG

 This Bundle Includes:

  • Facial Soap
  • Dead Sea Mud Mask
  • Rose Water Kombucha Toner
  • Blackberry Leaf Serum
  • Facial Lotion Bar w/Pure Beeswax 

***To complete the Method be sure to add the Happiness Essential Oil

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