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Muscle Rub (20 ml)

Finally, a Muscle Balm that won’t leave you smelling like you spent too much time at Grandma’s house. We’ve spent years formulating the perfect balance between the warm soothing sensation your achy muscles crave, and that cooling sensation that feels “oh so good!"… The best part? Our unique travel size makes it convenient for you to care for your muscles hands free and on the go. No more messy hands, sticky jars, or the need to run and rinse off before using them again. Tired of waiting for that old tiger to change his stripes, we decided to ditch the kitty, and perfect Muscle Balm on our own. Clean, soothing, easy to use, and long lasting, our Muscle Balm contains the most concentrated dose of essential oils in our entire product line. Why? Because your muscles deserve it.

*1 balm included. 

Pure Ingredients:

Pure Ingredients: Bees Wax, Menthol, Oils: Olive, St. Johns Wort, Castor, Arnica, Argan, Calendula, Tamanu, MIG Essential Oil Blend, Plant based Capsaicin

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